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    October 4, 2021 /  Piano

    There are thousands of websites present on the internet where you learn how to play piano. But not all of them are good. A few sites may not teach you everything like finger positions and how to play the piano properly. As a result, here is a listing of the top sites where you can learn how to play the piano well. You may think that this is for promotional reasons and we are promoting sites that are our own but this is not so. Before we put any of these websites in our list we have evaluated them on several points like

    Quality and skill level of the website and the author of the website

    The intention of the website to teach the reader how to play the piano without an actual keyboard being present.

    The technology of the website that has wonderful software to make it clear to the students what you want to teach.

    Here is a list of the best websites that you can choose from to learn piano skills.

    Zebra Keys is one of the best sites for piano lessons. The lessons are well written and are well laid out so that even the simplest person can read and understand it well. There is an interactive lesson plan that is included in the lesson sheet so you can do the finger practice well. The Zebra keyboard is also arranged to light up as you realize the note that goes with the key. The software is great and easy to use. There is a note trainer software additional program too that can help piano students to understand different aspects of work.

    Piano Nanny is a really great for learning piano online. This site is really detailed and is much better. You actually get the feeling that the teacher is sitting beside you for teaching you the class. You will have a keyboard, text images and even mini applications that you can use to learn piano keying. As you press each key on the virtual keyboard, each note and sound is displayed. You will also be able to learn different levels of playing like intermediate, starter and even advanced classes.

    Plern Online is one of the most fun classes that are online to teach music. There is a scrolling online sheet that is used to show you the music notes and you will also find the notes for the musical notation.

    Keep in touch with more such sites where you can learn how to play piano online.

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